Welcome to Downtown Victoria

Downtown Victoria is our home, our workplace and our playground. A place we cherish for its niches and celebrate for its opportunities. It’s where inspiration strikes, where creativity and experimentation reign. From takeout to turntables, parking to parties, shopping to startups, we are a city that is full of life and packed with potential. 


Shopping in downtown Victoria has never been easier. There are so many fun and sustainable modes to choose from such as walking, cycling, transit, driving, and carsharing to name a few. Use the toolkit to see how you can #ArriveAndShop!

Parking downtown: it’s easier than you think.

Check out our parking maps showing all of the lots, parkades and even secure bike parking.

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Transportation Mode-shift Eco-Star Award

Cities are changing. The most successful cities globally according to the experts, data, and the people living in them are human-scale, sustainable cities that put people first. A key part…

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Our business directory holds over 1,500 listings of businesses in downtown Victoria.

About the DVBA

The DVBA works diligently behind the scenes to help facilitate changes between downtown Victoria businesses and City Hall. Our goal is to help our business community on the road to success. From improved lighting to seagull difficulty to graffiti removal, our team is here to help downtown Victoria businesses on a variety of issues. Have a question? Reach out to our team, we can’t wait to work with you.

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Think Local Week

Nov 13

BC Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees

Nov 16

Habitat for Humanity Gingerbread Showcase

Nov 19 Daily