Welcome to Downtown Victoria

Oh, you’re visiting downtown Victoria? Welcome!

While you’re here, we want to let you in to a not-so-well-kept secret: This is a pretty special place to live, work and play. It’s pretty hard not to love it here.

You see, this is a city where memories are made, lasting friendship spark and business deals are signed. All of it, through casual conversations over amazing eats, memorable shopping trips, or simply while visiting the many hidden gems and quirky finds. When you explore downtown, you’ll find a touch of the old-world charm we see in Québec City and Old Montreal, mixed with the caché and vibrancy of the happening downtown bigger cities.

We’re a small city with a big heart, big plans & we’re oh-so-thrilled you’re here to share it all with us. So grab your family, grab your pals. There’s lots happening. And now you get to be part of it, too.

Bus. Bike. Walk. Boat. How to Arrive & Shop Downtown Victoria

Shopping downtown Victoria is always a fun outing, with lots of discoveries & eats for everyone. Whether you want to bus (maybe on a city double decker?) BYO bike or rent one from U-Bikes, use a car share like Modo, or enjoy the city on foot, the options are there. Check out our quick reference guide for a refresher on all the fun and sustainable ways to #ArriveAndShop in downtown Victoria.

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Parking downtown: it’s easier than you think.

Top 4 Resources to Find Parking Downtown

Looking for a business?

Our directory includes more than 1500 downtown business. You can search by name, or category.
If you're a downtown business within our boundary and you're not listed, contact us now so we can add you as a member.
Email us at: info [@] downtownvictoria.ca or call us 250-386-2238

About the DVBA

The DVBA works diligently behind the scenes to help facilitate changes between downtown Victoria businesses and City Hall. Our goal is to help our business community on the road to success. From improved lighting to seagull difficulty to graffiti removal, our team is here to help downtown Victoria businesses on a variety of issues. Have a question? Reach out to our team, we can’t wait to work with you.

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