Introducing the Project

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The Downtown Victoria: Your Place to Be Storytelling Project presents unscripted, first-person narratives of people who live, work, and play in downtown Victoria. This project explores the way that Victorians flourish when they are downtown.

Beginning in April 2019, the Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) launched the first series of its storytelling project with eight videos. The DVBA is currently concluding the video project and is now looking for stories to feature on the blog.

As a component of the DVBA’s 2019-2020 marketing campaign, the goal of this project is to share the unique, personal stories of the DVBA’s 1400 members to open a new way of experiencing and discussing downtown.


Your Place To Be - Toolkit

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Why Storytelling?

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Stories are a powerful way to learn about the experiences of others. Through personal narratives, we can build emotional connections with the people around us. Stories can highlight our individual life experiences, but they can also provide a space to relate to each other.

Stories have the potential to change the way we think and act. The DVBA marketing campaign recognizes the value of stories as a tool for connection and promotion. This project is an opportunity to refocus on the individuality of the downtown Victoria business community.

The first-hand, personal accounts are both engaging and entertaining, reminding us that businesses are more than the brand, product, or service.

Stories from the Project

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Take a look at the stories from downtown Victorians who have participated in the Your Place To Be Storytelling Project. Can you see yourself here?

From the Blog:

Downtown Victoria is my place to be creative.







Meet Parris and learn a little more about the many hats he wears at the Victoria Public Market and why he says downtown Victoria is his place to be creative. Read More.



Mar says downtown Victoria is her place to be a ROMANTIC. She offered a unique perspective on what being a romantic means to her, and why downtown Victoria makes her feel this sense of love. Read More.