Each year the DVBA sets aside funds for a range of incentive grants and sponsorships.

Marketing grant programs change from year to year as needs and uptake change, but are generally focused on precinct and event sponsorships. To be eligible for a grant, an event must be located within the boundaries of the Downtown Victoria Business Improvement Area (click here for DVBA boundary map).

District (Precinct) Grants

The DVBA encourages business neighbours to work together through precincts to improve their streets, produce events, and market their areas. To this end, there are four DVBA grants available to districts, also known as precincts, to help support businesses as they work together to make downtown a vibrant place to do business. For information, email info@downtownvictoria.ca

Under this grant program, a group of businesses who decide to start a district are eligible for branding services under the umbrella of the new Downtown Victoria brand. The DVBA will cover the $1,250 fee to work collaboratively with the DVBA and The Number, the agency who developed the DVBA’s brand identity, to develop brand and visual assets that best represent the character and businesses of your precinct. To discuss starting a new district, please reach out to Interim Executive Director, Jeff Bray at jeff@downtownvictoria.ca.

To assist with marketing your precinct, the DVBA will provide funding of 25% up to a maximum of $1,000 for the creation of marketing materials, advertising costs, photography or social media advertising campaigns. As with all applications for funding, requests must be made two months in advance and must include a detailed proposal including a timeline and a budget. To discuss your marketing campaign, reach out to Marketing Manager, Anne-Sophie Dumetz at anne-sophie@downtownvictoria.ca.

To help creating more vibrant precincts, the DVBA has a program to encourage precincts to invest in their spaces. Projects can include street furniture, decorative lighting, plants, public art, etc. The DVBA can contribute 25% up to a maximum of $2,000. Funding requests must be made at least two months in advance and must include a detailed proposal including a timeline and a budget. To discuss making improvements within your district, please reach out to Interim Executive Director, Jeff Bray at jeff@downtownvictoria.ca.

Please note: Funding is available on a first come, first serve basis until the budget has been fully allocated.

Event Sponsorships

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The DVBA works hard to be a proactive champion for Victoria’s downtown business community, promoting sustainable economic vitality through direct action and advocacy. To support this mission, the DVBA allocates funds to organizations that produce events that contribute towards making Downtown Victoria welcoming, vibrant, and the preferred regional hub for business, culture, services and amenities. The goal of this process is to establish open and transparent guidelines for the evaluation and distribution of DVBA funds, respecting the best interests of our members and the limited financial resources available for sponsorship.

The filing deadline for DVBA event sponsorship for 2019 is October 31, 2018. The sponsorship application is available here.

How To Apply
To be eligible for sponsorship, organizations must meet the criteria guidelines outlined in the Application Form and submit it along with required documentation (if applicable) by email to the DVBA’s Marketing Manager, Anne-Sophie Dumetz at anne-sophie@downtownvictoria.ca. Applications will not be accepted in person or by fax.

It is the responsibility of the applicants to submit a complete application with clear and sufficient information. It should be noted that the sponsorship process is very competitive and applicants should submit the best application possible as this will be the basis for funding for the following two years. Submission of an application does not guarantee the applicant will be awarded all or part of the sponsorship requested and incomplete or unclear applications may be declined without follow-up by the DVBA.

Eligibility and Evaluation
The DVBA reserves the right to award or decline sponsorship wholly at the discretion of the DVBA, However, certain specific qualifying criteria are applied before the evaluation of the sponsorship application.

  1. Does the applicant represent a registered not-for-profit or charitable organization based in Victoria that has been in operation for more than one year?
  2. Are the residents (businesses) of Victoria the primary beneficiaries of the service the organization provides?
  3. Will the event support the current key strategies of the DVBA available on our website?
  4. Will the event be sustainable past the support of the grant?
  5. Has or will the organization secure other sources of support and funding?
  6. Does the organization work collaboratively with other community partners?

The DVBA’s Marketing Manager will vet the applications to ensure the application meets the eligibility criteria and is complete before presenting the sponsorship application to the Marketing Committee for evaluation. The Marketing Committee will evaluate the sponsorship application based on the following with points awarded in the following categories:

  • 20% – attendance – the number of people your event will drive into the downtown
  • 20% – sustainability – whether the organization has shown that there is capacity for the event to continue with other sources of income
  • 20% – how you involve businesses – both directly and indirectly
  • 20% – free – how much of your event is free
  • 10% – creativity – how the event adds to the vibrancy of the event landscape
  • 10% – happening exclusively in the downtown core – greater percentage of funds will be given to those events that are exclusively within Downtown Victoria. Partial points in this category will be awarded based on the percentage in Downtown Victoria versus outside the core.

If an application for sponsorship has been approved, the DVBA will contact the organization to award the sponsorship and release the first half of the funds. It is up to the organization applying to follow-up with the DVBA to arrange sponsorship benefits.

Download The Event Application