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DVBA Brand Kit

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Downtown Victoria Brand Kit:

  • Images, logos, etc
  • Font
  • Welcome Kit
  • how we want to use it

Get Social with Us

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  • Submit a blog content (link) + content calendar
  • SM guide — our channels, what we like to reshare,
  • Upcoming events for members (eg: coffee things)
  • Link to submit their events
  • Field Trip –> request a field trip


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Members FAQ:

  • How to request clean team support
  • What can you help me with?
  • what don’t you do?
  • What are the DVBA’s current projects & priorities?
  • Who to call when…
    • city permits to close a street for a special event
    • change to your biz listing
    • events
    • police issues
    • grants
    • storefront issues (city advocacy)

Member News

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Members News:

  • Annual Report
  • How can I get involved with the DVBA?
    • committees
      • Marketing, Events
      • Clean & Safe ?
    • board
    • AGM
      • Submit board nomination