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Impactful team building: a team that laughs together, grows together!

(Part 1, May 30th 2:30pm to 4pm. Part 2, June 9th 2:30pm to 4pm. Separate registration through Eventbrite is required for each workshop but it is not a requirement that you take part 1 before registering for part 2.)

~ How does it feel to hear a “Yes, and…” versus a “Yeah, but…” ?

~ How does passing a clap around a circle help you build self and group-awareness?

During these workshops you will experience both laughter and connection that stays with you beyond the 90 minutes. Using the principles of improv, Brett will choose light-hearted exercises that provide opportunities for you to get to know, care and trust the people in the group through storytelling, active listening, collaboration and spontaneity. Throughout the workshops, there will be times for reflection and discussion amongst the group.

Parts 1 and 2 will naturally build on each other, however you can choose to attend just one workshop or both! These are not performance based workshops, and you don’t have to ‘be funny’… any comedic moments that do happen will be 100% spontaneous!

During these participatory workshops, you will:

• Feel the impact of the phrase “Yes, and” vs “Yeah, but”

• Experience the power of storytelling

• Take risks in a fun and safe environment

• Gain a deeper connection with a new group, in a short amount of time

• Walk away with a handout of the games played

• … and enjoy some deep belly laughs!


Brett Macdonald is passionate about bringing people together. She is an educator and workshop facilitator. Her work, rooted in improv, brings teams together to connect, collaborate and drive workplace performance. Working with community minded organizations, Brett leads corporate team building, uniting employees and executives alike. Brett’s method merges her experience in education and the arts. Through laughter and the power of play, her workshops offer an opportunity to shape – or reshape – essential business skills, comradery and culture.

Brett holds a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma in Theater, and is trained in Harvard’s Project Zero Visible Thinking Routines, and Inquiry Based Learning, as well as Self-Compassion and Mindfulness. She has been training, performing, and teaching improv for more than a decade, co-founding two improv groups, organizing shows, and performing herself.

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