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Join us at Kwench for a FREE presentation on Thriving in business (and life) without social media followed by a casual social

Do you wonder if there are better ways to build your business that don’t require you to have to throw your best content into the black hole known as, “The Wall?

Bradley T Morris is a veteran entrepreneur and the creative director of Magik Media, Majik Kids and the lead business coach behind the Creators Club, a virtual creators space and online business incubator. Over the past 20 years he has launched and scaled multiple 6 figure businesses relying on the power of collaboration and community, rather than the endless rat wheel of content creation for fickle social media platforms.

In this workshop you will learn

> Why Bradley left social media six years ago, the hard reality he faced & what happened when he left.

> How his life, business & focus improved astronomically as a result of leaving social media.

> Alternative strategies you can use to grow your audience & sales without the need for social media.

Event followed by an optional social with cocktails and fresh tamales for purchase in the lounge at Kwench.

more info at awakeinrelationship.com and https://majikmedia.com/

Want more info or have a suggestion for a great conscious creator to feature in the speaker series? Email Silas at info@awakeinrelationship.com

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