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Saturday August 22, 2020 8:00am – Thursday September 3, 2020 5:00pm

Salt Spring Island artist Jeannette Sirois presents her second solo exhibition at West End Gallery. Observing the natural world and all of its details is the inspiration for the work she has created for this show. From the intricate and delicate papery petals of a poppy of the spathe of an iris, to the complex fold and turns on the back of a peony in bloom, the works seek to illustrate the complex nature of the specimens Jeannette uses for inspiration.

Fascinated by the intricate folds, creases, and rich details which the plants in these drawings reveal to us, the scale of the works allows the viewer the opportunity to slow our lives down, even for a brief moment to admire what nature has to offer. Using professional colour pencils these works on paper require patience and attention to detail to reveal surprises of colour, pattern and texture often not seen and overlooked because of the minute scale of the subject. Each work is a revelation into something new and unexpected. The plants in the drawings are a means to communicate to the viewer the beauty found in our busy lives and in the art there is a celebration of this life.

Open daily – please wear a mask during your visit.

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