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Incident: Missing Persons Case
Reporting Detective(s): Detective Booty and Inspector Kara
Status: Unresolved.
Authorities were contacted two weeks ago in response to a missing persons incident. Ms.*REDACTED* was last seen in her yard pruning her flowers in the afternoon before she vanished. There were a collection of red footprints from her garden into the forest behind her yard. Eye witness accounts have indicated that the missing person was acting strange all week; muttering to herself and being unusually jumpy. Her family has been interviewed and all leads have been reviewed and closed. Detectives followed the footprints until their conclusion, and they appear to stop in front of *REDACTED*. With no current indications of foul play, the family fortune will be awarded to the victim’s younger brother in full. No further leads present; Case changed from Active to Unresolved.
This is just one unsolved mystery, but there are countless more requiring your help detective. Please join Senior Detective Booty and Inspector Kara on the evening of Friday, September 23rd or Saturday, September 24th to suggest, witness, and solve your very own Improvised Murder Mystery.
Friday September 23rd and Saturday September 24th
8pm | $15
@ Intrepid Theatre Club
The above Theatre Performance will be entirely made up with the help of your suggestions and will not discuss or comment on real events.

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