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The Godfather – 50th Anniversary Special Event

The Godfather is an American gangster epic. Set in the ’40s.
This movie is about family, and family-run business, revenge, corruption, rivalry, marriage, and making offers that aren’t refused.
No laugh-track in this one.

Drama / Crime

Coppola / 1972 / 2hrs 55 mins

** This is a special event for us at the Vic Theatre. We’re going as big as a Corleone dinner. We’ll have food, a special Godfather cocktail, prizes for best costumes, and other Cosa nostra festivities !!

Tickets are $20+taxes.

19+ Screening (The Vic is a Licensed Theatre)

Main cast: Brando, Pacino, DeNiro, Caan, Keaton, Duvall, Vigoda

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