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Everything is funnier high, right? So why not stand-up comedians?
Presented by comedian and ganja enthusiast Tyler Smith, The Dope Show is a comedy showcase in which comedians perform a sober set, take a short intermission to toke up, and get back on stage to perform under the influence!
Featuring a variety of nationally touring comics–many of whom have never toked before and others who know it all too well. Guaranteed to be hilarious in any case!
Don’t miss one of the hottest growing shows on the West Coast.
Q: Can I smoke in the venue?
A: You cannot smoke inside the venue but what you do before you get inside is up to you!
Q: Is there a break?
A: The show is continuous and runs for exactly 90 minutes.
Q: What is the age limit?
A: 19+
Q: Will drinks be available?
A: Yes! Check out the venue’s website for a menu!
Q: Can we smoke with the comedians?
A: After the show, the comedians are usually outside socializing, feel free to approach!
Q: Where’s is the venue?
A: Oh boy… new to the internet? That’s cool just click the venue’s name above and it’ll have an address there.
Q: Where do I buy tickets?
A: There’s literally a button that says buy tickets on this page.
Q: Can I be on the show?
A: Probably not! We only use the best nationally touring comedians in our show!
Q: What time do doors open?
A: The doors open at 7pm!
Q: Can my business get involved?
A: Yes! Please email us at

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