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Xchanges Gallery is excited to announce an exhibition of painting, photography and drawings by Natasha van Netten and Matthew van Netten, Surface Tension.

Throughout their relationship, the artists have had the unique opportunity to live and work in the mountains of Jasper National Park and on a converted icebreaking sailing vessel in the Mediterranean Sea. These experiences of inhabiting immense and often daunting natural spaces have given them a deep respect for the power of nature. Their conversations about these experiences have led them to create Surface Tension. This exhibition highlights the dramatic forms found in mountain ranges and ocean waves through photography, paint, graphite and ink and investigates the harmony that can exist between conflicting forms, blurring the line between solid and liquid.

Opening Reception: Friday April 7 from 7-9pm
Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-4pm April 8-23, 2023

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