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Join us in a series of brainstorming sessions where we build community, discuss social enterprise, and solve social and environmental issues

The Socio-Environmental Association of Victoria is an interdisciplinary community of individuals interested exploring the relationship between the social and environmental challenges facing humanity today.

Topics for the Spring of Sustainability Series:

• April 13th – Year in Review – Brainstorming and filtering ideas generated throughout the latter half of the pandemic.

• April 20th – Year in Review Continued!

• April 27th – Disruptive Socio-Environmental Action

• May 4th – Climate Fight Club

• May 11th – Social Organizations of BC – Finding the Gaps

The group holds weekly guided discussions and brainstorming sessions focused on topics of interest selected by the collective group. The core purpose for these discussions is to inspire and guide the energy of people who want to maximize their good to the world. This is done by providing a space for people to simply share their voice and by subsequently leveraging the collective voice of the group to develop and prioritize innovative solutions to socio-environmental challenges. The ultimate goal is to slowly evolve into a cohort of altruistic organizations (NGOs, non-profits, social enterprises)

Each event is an opportunity to network with likeminded individuals, learn valuable problem solving strategies, and eventually (hopefully) make a real impact with the ideas that come out of the group sessions.

Who are we looking for?

This is a space that welcomes all personalities and backgrounds with the hope of harnessing the unique lived experience of every group member. Every voice matters as we all have unique proximity, passion, and specific knowledge related to social-environmental challenges.

Agenda for a Typical Event

• Group introduction and discussion

• Connecting with one-another and creating a comfortable space

• Philosophical discussion/presentation relevant to day’s session

• Group Brainstorm

• Discussion of Next Steps

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