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Paul Jorgensen attended the Vancouver School of Art, now Emily Carr School of Art and Design. His education was heavily influenced by the “hard edge” paintings (flat coloured panels in structured grids) in vogue. Still, the Group of Seven, The Impressionists and magazine illustrators provided him with inspiration, as they still do. These artists, in most cases, hint at a story in a specific landscape that intrigues him. He tries to incorporate an open gate, a glimpse of a car, or a path as it hints at a person in the scene that the viewer just missed.

Paul Jorgensen’s latest collection of playful landscapes features the bright colours, intricate patterns and joyful vignettes he is known for. His unique approach to painting is enhanced by skewed perspectives and prolific use of intertwined shapes and forms revealed as lush gardens, secret paths and distant locations. Paul’s narrative style further encourages the viewer to immerse themselves in his paintings and travel from the comfort of home.

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