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Ora Cogan is a multi-disciplinary artist and singer-songwriter based in Nanaimo. She is known for her singular voice and cinematic compositions. Cogan has released seven albums to date while collaborating with a multitude of artists and touring extensively throughout Europe and North America. She has performed at Le Guess Who Festival in the Netherlands, Pickathon Festival in Portland, Oregon and has shared the stage with the likes of Grouper, Mazzy Star and Lido Pimienta. Her new album Bells in the Ruins was released July 13, 2020 on Prism Tongue Records.


Hush Pup makes experimental pop music that sounds a lot like driving at night through the board game Candy Land, soft cotton candy trees brush up against the windows of your glass car as you ride toward a friend’s cabin near the molasses swamp. The duo, sometimes trio, have four releases and have toured their unique brand of Fantasy Pop around North America & Europe sharing bills with artists such as Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, L’Eclair and White Poppy. They are currently based in Nanaimo B.C. on Vancouver Island.


Iminah Kani uses the guitar as a vehicle to express a unique sonic language. As a student of flamenco guitar, she blends this tradition with various genres such as finger picking, bossa nova and folk-noir alongside layered guitar sounds creating experimental soundscapes.

Website: www.iminahkani.com

Instagram: @iminahkani

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