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The When, Where and How of our History

The, When, Where and How highlights the discovery of when I came across a sub-culture of African Americans that inhabited Salt spring Island in 1858 – that became the inciting incident and the emergence of recognition in his own life. This always instigated the question is where are you from. The questioner’s innocent curiosity always seemed to belie an attitude of separateness, implying that black means you must be from somewhere else. He was embraced by the Sims family on Salt spring Island that adopted Anthony as one of their own – and this initiated in how I was going to bring their story to light.

As a storyteller, Brown weaves some of his own personal experiences that document the surprisingly many great things that Black people have contributed to life on the west coast.


Anthony Brown is a seventh generation Black Canadian and a documentary filmmaker. Producing “Go Do Some Great Thing and Secret Victoria: The Rush for Freedom. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia – he moved to Texada Island in the mid 1960’s where he spent his formative years.

Brown moved back to Vancouver in the early part of the 1970’s and onward to America where he received a partial athletic scholarship for football and baseball at a small NAIA College in Montana. In the early 1980’s, Brown lived in Europe where he experienced many different countries and cultures that made him think of his own history.

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