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Together at Lucky for night only is The Mole & Murge

A sonic alchemist, Murge weaves the eclectic and the electric to create dancefloor-centric beats that fill the space and lift the crowd. Unorthodox sounds intertwine to create an expansive aural journey filled with fresh, earthy bass and neoteric instrumentals. His fresh approach to creating music combined with his inimitable skills as a DJ and producer, have led to accolades and collaborations far reaching from his beloved home on Vancouver Island, canada. Murge’s influences are wide ranging and free flowing; from the cosmic era of disco to psychedelic jazz, from latin rhythms fused with the elasticity and inclusiveness of world-inspired music.

Seventies Hungarian funk, Youtube outsider artists, the dustiest of old Bollywood relics—all is fair game when it comes time for The Mole to pull either inspiration or wax for his house-heavy DJ sets and live shows. Decades in, the Vancouver native still gets the jitters before a performance, which speaks a lot to his ethos. For a guy for whom a record bag is so much more than the sum of its parts, every gig is a big deal. And if you’ve ever had the chance to catch him in action—be it DJing or jumping between his MPC and a sole turntable—, you’d agree.

***Please note tickets must be redeemed by 11PM to guarantee entry.***

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