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Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company has developed a vast history over the past 50 years. Join us in celebrating both our classic repertoire dances as well as the premieres of three new dances, complete with fresh original scores and never-before-seen costumes. We also present a restaged performance of Cheremosh’s Storyline production: ”How the Wives Sold their Husbands”.

Cheremosh is excited to present our 50th Anniversary Tour starting in April 2022. This tour takes place in eight cities across Western Canada, promoting and sharing our love of Ukrainian Dance and Culture. This tour has been years in the making due to delays with COVID-19. Our company members, who are students and young professionals, are eager to put their red boots back on and thrill audiences with new costumes and dances. Company members and our artistic director strive to showcase traditional academic Ukrainian Dance and have been leader in this area since 1969. Cheremosh is proud to be able to share our passion with so many diverse audiences across the world that now for our 50th Anniversary we are excited to bring our Energy, our Emotion and our Passion back to stages across Canada.

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