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Listen to amazing local speakers share the great work they’re doing in the social impact community.

Inspired by theDock’s Show and Share event series from summer of 2021, we are excited to relaunch a modified version of the series—this time in-person! The event will consist of two 10-15 minute presentations from individuals doing social impact work. They will tell us about their organization, their project(s), and of course themselves. At the end of the presentations, participants will break into three groups for an open conversation, answering or responding to a prompt from each presenter.

The Lunch and Learn is a great way to connect with like-minded change makers, learn about the interesting projects of your peers, and if nothing else have a fun lunch-hour!

Presenters Info

Meera Matthew of the Existence Project

Details pending

Pierre Wijdenes of Neuraura

Details pending

Arielle Houghton of The Good Food Network

Details Pending

Food & Drink

Event participants are encouraged to bring food and drink with them to consume during the event. Beyond water, there will be no food or drink provided at the event for free or for sale.

Venue Instructions

theDock is located on the third floor of 722 Cormorant Street. To enter the building, click the wheelchair access button to the right of the sliding glass doors. Once you have entered the building, make your way to the third floor by pressing the third floor button inside of the elevator. If you arrive before 11:55 AM, you will be greeted at reception and directed to the Port. Should you arrive later, you can walk straight through the first hallway and find the Port at its end.

Parking and Accessibility

There is street parking in front of 722 Cormorant street, as well as nearby parkades: Centennial Square Parkade, Johnson Street Parkade, Bastion Square parkade, and View Street Parkade.

The building and office space are wheelchair accessible.

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