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Recurring Event Event Series: IMAX: Ocean Odyssey

Follow a three-month-old baby whale on a magical journey down one of the Earth’s great ocean highways to discover the incredible world of ocean currents. She will never know it, but as she swims with the flow of the current, her story becomes inexorably connected to our own.

Ocean currents are hidden marine rivers that flow around the Earth. They are responsible for the fish we eat, the rain that feeds our crops, the snow that covers our mountains – even the air we breathe, and they have been helping to keep the temperature of our planet just right for life for millions of years.

As our young whale goes with the flow of the current on a great migration from the warm tropics to the frozen ice floes of Antarctica, she meets the curious creatures that call the current home.

From a baby clownfish that has just hatched out of his egg on a reef, to playful fur seals, and even some organisms so tiny that they can’t be seen with the naked eye. And each of these creatures has their own part to play in the ocean’s story.

She will also discover the darker side of ocean currents – for when humans discard their plastic waste on land, ocean currents carry them far and wide across the globe. On a remote island, plastic waste from our cities ends up in the stomachs of young seabirds, creating a crisis that few humans will ever see, but that only we can avert.

As our whale approaches her Antarctic home, she is witness to devastating changes in marine environments brought on by a warming ocean and we learn how changing ocean currents could affect us for generations to come.

Jump in the flow of this immersive giant screen 3D adventure and discover how the ocean nurtures all life on earth, from the smallest fish…to us.

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