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With special guests David Santana, Bryn Badel
Get ready to go beyond Latin as recording vocalist and flutist Brenda Morie interprets her favourite rhythms and melodies with pianist Pablo Cardenas, drummer Cyril Lojda, bass player Rob Johnson, and special guests David Santana on guitar and Bryn Bad on trumpet and flugelhorn coronet. Beyond the bossa nova, they add colourful textures and intricate rhythms that weave a fiery funky fusion of sauce influenced in Latin rhythms. Brenda uses her smoky melodic vocals and percussive flute to demonstrate her evolving love of music, including tracks from her CD ‘Meant To Be’. Pablo, Cyril and Rob contribute their own creative influences along with solos that show why they are among the best in the business.
Brenda is a diverse and versatile artist who has toured, recorded and performed across North American and Asia. Pablo, one of the best Cuban pianists of his generation, plays a multitude of styles with enthusiasm, skill and finesse. Cyril was a member of Fanfan Tulipan when it won the international Jazz Prix competition in 2011, and has played with the greatest local jazz musicians since coming to Victoria in 2013. Rob has shared the stage with an impressive list of local and international artists in his 30-year musical career.
It’s an experience you definitely don’t want to miss. You’ll have trouble staying in your seat.






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