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Together for one night only – Evan Mumford and Entertainment Village!

What’s that sneaking through the high grass? Diglett? Vulpix? Pikachu?! Why no, it’s everyone’s favourite improv troupe, Entertainment Village. I hope you stocked up on Great Balls, because all five members of Entertainment Village are classified as medium-level Pokémon, so a regular Poké Ball isn’t going to cut it! Once you’ve captured the whole troupe, pull up a chair at The Mint on Tuesday, September 27th at 8:00 PM, order a cold Elixir to restore 10 PP, and enjoy a night of comedy!

Entertainment Village performs improvised comedy based off of local live stand-up comedians. This month the special stand-up comedy guest is the Man from Nova Scotia himself, Evan Mumford!

Seating is limited, be sure to book your table early! There are options for 2, 4 or 6 only.

If you plan to sit with pals and are buying tables separately, please email us at evimprov@gmail.com with the names of the other ticket holders so we can seat you together. We can’t promise you the moon and the stars, but by golly, we can promise we’ll do our best!

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