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Entertainment Village is back! The gang is excited to be back with comedian Carilynn Nicholson.

Together for one night only – Carilynn “The Mother of Comedy” Nicholson and Entertainment “The Wizards of Improv” Village!

Entertainment Village, those lovable little scamps, are back with another one of their hair-brained schemes – putting on a comedy show to save their tree fort from mean old Professor Cobblepot! So come on down to the Mint on Friday, June 10th for some laughs and a cold beverage, and let’s give Old Man Cobblepot what for!

Entertainment Village performs improvised comedy based off of local live stand-up comedians. This month the special stand-up comedy guest is the very funny and very tall Carilynn Nicholson!

Seating is limited, be sure to book your table early! There are options for 2, 4 or 6 only.

If you plan to sit with pals and are buying tables separately, please email us at evimprov@gmail.com with the names of the other ticket holders so we can seat you together. We can’t promise you the moon and the stars, but by golly, we can promise we’ll do our best!

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