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Eleanor Ramrath Garner’s award-winning memoir, detailing her youth as an American caught in WWII Berlin, adapted for the stage and performed by her granddaughter, Ingrid Garner.
★★★★★ “A rare intimacy, superb storytelling and a truly important story to tell.” – Adelaide Theatre Guide
SHOW DESCRIPTION (60min)(Ages 12+):
“Eleanor’s Story” traces 9-year-old Eleanor’s path from the U.S. to Germany, where her family moves in pursuit of work during the Depression. But when war breaks out as they are crossing the Atlantic, return home becomes impossible. While desperate for Allied victory, Eleanor’s family must endure American bombings, hunger, gestapo threats, and finally, the horrors of Russian occupation.
This true story, with its themes of social and political turmoil, is strikingly relevant almost 80 years later. Ingrid Garner delivers an intimate and universal account of women and children in wartime. What unfolds is a child’s odyssey of survival as she struggles to maintain stability, hope, and identity in a world of terror and contrasts.
★★★★★ “The powerful story is unforgettable—a must-see for history buffs and theatre-aficionados alike.” – Fringe Review UK
METRO STUDIO – 1411 Quadra St
Fri. Aug 26 – 5:15pm
Sat. Aug 27 – 3:15pm
Thu. Sep 1 – 5:30pm
Fri. Sep 2 – 5:15pm
Sat. Sep 3 – 6:45pm

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