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In this demonstration cooking class, you’ll learn to prepare French desserts that never go out of style.

If you love the flavour of caramel and the texture of crème brûlée, you’ll love this silky custard. Crème brûlée can be fashioned into in any container (or spoon) and made days in advance—always an attractive option for entertaining.

Palmiers are delicate French cookies made from puff pastry. I’ll show you how to make them easily with frozen commercial puff pastry. Palmiers can be fashioned into savoury appetizers, too. Sweet or savoury, French palmiers are always a hit!

Sugar-dusted almond tarts are made with a buttery sweet dough that comes together as easily as cookie dough. The tarts are simple to make and freeze beautifully.

Plenty of samples are included. Class length may vary depending on the number of guests, questions, etc.

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