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“Greener Solutions to Safe Drinking Water Challenges” by Heather Buckley

What’s in my water? Is it alive? Is it safe? Is it sustainable? The Green Safe Water Lab at the University of Victoria tackles challenges at the interface of civil engineering and green chemistry, with projects that range from developing sensor technologies for drinking water contaminants to designing greener antifoulants to increase the effectiveness of water treatment systems. Come find out how we know what is in our water, and what we do about it!

Assistant Professor Heather Buckley, MSc *UBC), PhD (University of California Berkeley) is “a a green chemist and engineering professor who believes that responsible development of greener technologies is a core component to improving human and environmental health. Designing tools for better environmental monitoring and strategies for the proactive use of safer alternatives empowers communities and industrial partners towards environmental stewardship and better public health outcomes. ” Heather’s research group seeks to empower communities in Canada and internationally through interventions at all stages of the drinking water supply chain. They are particularly interested in metals and other contaminants introduced through human activity.

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