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Through this engaging workshop, find a community of practice and learn from each other how to make life-sustaining choices that allow you to feel connected and in right relation with yourself, others and the Earth.

This 2-part workshop series is extremely interactive, mixing self-reflection, peer exercises, sharing circles and playfulness. The first session will bring light to what is often left in the dark and touch on eco-anxiety, offering us a rare opportunity to get real with where we’re at. The second session’s focus will be on the collective intelligence in the group, sharing practices and resources so we are better equipped to tackle the Christmas season while staying in right relation with the Earth.

Join us and feel the uplifting energy of being part of the solution and creating a future worth living!

About Mia Lauzon

Mia’s journey to be in right relation with the Earth has been that of a lifelong process, one which continues to unfold. Being raised in a home where they made do with little fostered in her a love for the creative process and the challenge of doing only with what is at hand. She had the privilege of growing and playing outside as much as she wanted; nature has been her happy place for as long as she remembers. Add a “big picture thinking” mindset to this mix and you may well have all the elements to explain why Mia became focused on being in right relation with the Earth through consumption choices.

In 2008, Mia left Quebec and started to travel. She quickly realized that she didn’t need that much to live on each day, moreover, that she could save a lot of money by not having to pay rent just to house her possessions. Around the same time, Mia came upon shocking pictures of albatross found dead on a faraway beach with their stomachs loaded with pieces of plastics of all shapes and sizes.

For Mia, that was a huge eye-opener regarding the impact of our everyday consumption choices and the throw-away culture we live in. Little by little, she gained insight on how her choices were impacting the natural world from which she found so much beauty and peace from, as well as its impact on the poeple who produce all these products. What amazed Mia was how uplifted she felt by the changes she made, how it allowed her to be in right relation with the Earth and her own values.

“That’s what I want for you. I want you to feel aligned with your choices, knowing that they are life- sustaining. I want you to feel the uplifting energy that comes from acting with agency and being part of something greater.

Let me be of service to your journey!”

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