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Three talented artists have banded together to present an evening of original music mixed with notable pieces written, composed, or arranged by past & present powerful women in music.

About the artists:

Alli Bean is a multi-award-winning Canadian powerhouse blues/jazz/pop-influenced songwriter and vocalist. Drawing influence from a list of artists including Wynton Kelly, Horace Silver, Fiona Apple and Amy Winehouse, her compositional style leans toward the bluesy funky side of the street, with a twist of jazz and a dash of sass for good measure.

Frances Hope is a singer-songwriter, natural performer, poet, multi-instrumentalist and indie-folk artist from Victoria, BC. Her music is inspired by early Joni Mitchell and remnants of Lana Del Ray and Brandi Carlile. She is an advocate for mental health, as her own struggles led her to begin songwriting to process and heal her own emotional wounds. Little did she know, that her words would touch others relating to similar experiences, and shining a light on universal themes of vulnerability, mental health and healing have become one of her raisons d’être.

Alex Be is a singer and songwriter based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She has passionately developed her indie soul style, and is widely acclaimed for not only the raw emotion and power she exudes, but also for her versatility and sensitivity in front of audiences far and wide. Steeped in the rich music tradition of her origins in the Montreal area, Alex elevates and captivates audiences and fellow performers alike.

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