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Africa Fest strives to promote an environment in which all Canadians take full advantage of dynamic cultural experiences, celebrate African histories, and heritage, and participate in building creative communities in which all Canadians are welcome to experience and learn through dynamic cultural experiences and exchanges.
The active celebration and honoring of African histories and heritage is a medium whereby we can all participate in building creative communities. Africa Fest contributes to British Columbia’s and Victoria’s communities by emphasizing the importance of African and Caribbean arts, culture, and heritage. The festival encourages a sense of common pride, and joy, and showcases the rich artistic and culinary talents of African and Caribbean participants. Our objective is to foster harmony, diversity, and unity within the unique and distinct cultures of peoples of African and Caribbean descent.
La principale mission de la scène d’AfriCa Fest est lors de cette activité festive d’offrir une vitrine aux
artistes d’ascendance africaine afin de promouvoir leur talent et de faire connaître du public

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