Mission and Vision

The DVBA Mission is to nurture and promote the vitality and vibrancy of downtown Victoria and its business community.

Our Vision is to be the authority on all things happening in Victoria’s downtown core.

Our Guiding Principles

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The Downtown Victoria Business Association will:

  • Be focused and strategic in deployment of resources
  • Be accountable, fiscally responsible, and transparent
  • Be responsive to the needs and expectations of stakeholders
  • Act with integrity

Board of Directors

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Chair: Suzanne Bradbury (Fort Properties Ltd.)

Vice Chair: Kathy Hogan (UDI Victoria)

Treasurer: Dan Sawchuk (Robbins Parking)

Secretary: Teri Hustins (Oscar & Libby’s Gift Store)



Eveline Black (Capital Iron)

Indu Brar (Fairmont Empress Hotel)

Shane Devereaux (Habit Coffee)

Dave Ganong (Colliers International)

John McCannel (RBC Royal Bank of Canada)

Jonathan Michaels (Geeks on the Beach – Web Agency)

Grant Olson (Strathcona Hotel)

Councillor Margaret Lucas (City of Victoria, Ex-officio)



The DVBA’s Board of Directors of the reserves the right to accept or reject nominations at its sole discretion and according to its judgment as to suitability based on the Constitution and By-Laws of the DVBA.

The DVBA Board of Directors is made up of 12 Directors, each elected on a two year term, and City Councillor appointed by the City of Victoria as a non- voting member. Elections are staggered and take place annually at the DVBA Annual General Meeting.

Directors must be representatives of downtown properties and/or businesses and must include at least one person from each of the following stakeholder groups:


  • Small independent retailers (premise less than 300 square metres)
  • Large retailers  (premise more than 300 square metres)
  • Hoteliers (2 representatives , one from a hotel west of the Legislature and one from a hotel located within the remainder of the Downtown Victoria Business Improvement Area)
  • Personal service providers
  • Business service providers
  • Restaurant/entertainment operators
  • Property owners
  • Property managers


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Three volunteer committees made of DVBA board members and members of the downtown business community assist DVBA staff in executing the annual work plan in three areas: Marketing, Events, and Clean, Safe and Sustainable.

DVBA committees:

Meet 10 times per year (more often if required and agreed to by committee members) Have required readings and preparation for members in advance of each meeting and follow-up as required Have an appointed Chair Must have a DVBA Board representative

If you are interested in volunteering on a DVBA committee, email alison@downtownvictoria.ca 


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The boundaries of the Downtown Victoria Business Improvement Area extend north to include both sides of Chatham Street, south to include both sides of Belleville Street (with the exception of the 500 & 600 blocks of Belleville), east to include both sides of Blanshard Street, and west to Ocean Pointe and Laurel Point (only the north side of Kingston Street, west of Montreal).

Click here for a PDF version of the DVBA boundaries.

What is a BIA?

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BIA stands for Business Improvement Area.  The Downtown Victoria Business Association was established through a municipal bylaw in 2005. As established within the bylaw, every business within the DVBA’s boundaries is automatically a DVBA member and contributes to the DVBA’s budget through a special levy (tax).  The cost of a membership (tax levy) is based on the property’s commercial assessment.

The Downtown Victoria Business Association BIA is a not-for-profit organization, under the direction of a volunteer board of management.

BIAs develop and undertake programs to improve and beautify the Improvement Area, to promote the districts and the businesses within it, to bring customers to the area, to stimulate the economy, and to support the community. These programs can include physical improvements to the area, events and activities, promotional activities, decor and enhancements, advisory and advocacy, and member communications. These programs typically aim to keep the BIA area foremost in the public’s mind as an attractive, pleasant place to shop, to be entertained, to work and to live. BIA’s are the hub for all things business, cultural, civic and community.

For many BIAs, the social wellbeing of the community is very important. Many BIAs have programs that deal specifically with homelessness, graffiti, crime prevention, safety, transportation, accessibility, density, green spaces and other issues. In addition, BIAs have expanded their roles to include business recruitment to their list of goals.

The DVBA improves the lines of communication between the business community, the community at large and the City of Victoria’s council and staff. We strive to create a vibrant community and a prosperous economic environment to make Downtown Victoria the region’s destination for business.