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Second Park and Ride

Due to the success and current waitlist of the first Park and Ride, the DVBA is working on a second.
Details on all things related to Parking in Downtown Victoria


Shared Arts Space

Along with the City of Victoria, the DVBA is exploring the possibility of a shared arts and cultural space in Downtown Victoria. This work is following feedback from the arts community about the need for more accessible arts space.


Precinct Identities

The DVBA has been working with precincts to create visual identities that align with the Downtown Victoria brand for a unified downtown experience that still celebrates the character of each of the precincts. The completion of this process will see the new brand identities through banners, and precinct pages as part of the Downtown Victoria page.


Belleville Precinct

The DVBA has been working with businesses to create a new precinct along Belleville Street.

Completed Projects

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Every year, the DVBA’s grant program supports local businesses to beautify, improve, illuminate, animate and keep our downtown clean and attractive. For details on available grant programs available to our members, click here.

Johnson Street Lights (October 2017)

The DVBA worked with the LoJo Precinct and property owners to light up buildings along Lower Johnson as part of the Illuminate grant program.






Waddington Alley (August 2017)

The DVBA worked with property owners to illuminate part of Waddington Alley through our illuminate grant program.






Pop Up Art in the Square (July 2017)

The DVBA partnered with the City of Victoria to host a design competition which invited urban designers, industrial designers, architects, landscape architects, contemporary artists and others to create a playful pop-up installation for kids of all ages in Centennial Square, in the heart of Victoria’s vibrant downtown. The winning design was submitted by a Vancouver Island-based team led by WildVision Edutainment Inc. and Envision Designs and Development.




Library Lane (June 2017)

The DVBA worked with Fabulous Fort, Breakwater Realty, the City of Victoria and the Greater Victoria Public Library to make improvements to Library Lane, the walkway that runs between Fort and Broughton St. These improvements include lighting, banners, planters, painting, and public art.





Fan Tan Alley Gates (May 2017)

The DVBA worked with property owners and Alan Lowe Architects to design, manufacture, fabricate and install gates on Fan Tan Alley that respect the heritage of the area.








Downtown Victoria Brand (May 2017)

Recognizing that Downtown Victoria has changed since the DVBA was created more than 12 years ago, the DVBA implemented a new brand identity that can grow and change as Downtown Victoria changes. The brand is reflective of Downtown Victoria having different meanings for everyone. The implementation of the brand started with the Downtown Victoria’s new website, Clean Team Uniforms, branded merchandise, and other business applications.


Park and Ride (April 2017)

The first Park and Ride within the City of Victoria launched on April 1, 2017 near the corners of Douglas Street and Frances Avenue. The DVBA partnered with Robbins Parking, Pattison Group, B.C. Transit and the City of Victoria to offer commuters another multi-modal transportation option. Commuters can park along a major transit corridor, step onto a bus and be downtown within minutes. The DVBA and its partners worked to find a location that was convenient, accessible and affordable to make this a solution that would work for commuters.



Gull Grants (April 2017)

The DVBA worked with property owners at 770 Cormorant to install spikes and roosting/nesting deterrents ahead of gull season in Downtown Victoria as part of the Gull Grant program.


Gull Grants (March 2017)

The DVBA worked with Chateau Victoria to install spikes and roosting/nesting deterrents ahead of gull season in Downtown Victoria as part of the Gull Grant program.


Pedestrian Counters (March 2017)

The DVBA worked with several partners to install five additional pedestrian counters outside: the Victoria Public Market, Silk Road on Government Street, Hotel Rialto, Fort Properties, and Lower Causeway.


Innovation Tree (September 2016)

In partnership with the City of Victoria, VIATEC, and the Government Street Merchants, the DVBA added audio-reactive and programmable lights to the tree at Wharf/Government Street. The Innovation Tree is powered by Limbic Media’s sound reactive Aurora™ lighting system. The Aurora™ system controls 1000 LED lights in the tree and responds to the sounds of the City to create intricate and beautiful patterns of light.




Dragon Alley (July 2016)

DVBA worked with the Dragon Alley Strata to illuminate Dragon Alley with red and gold lights along with some general improvements to the alley.  








stART on Douglas (May 2016)

In partnership with the City of Victoria, and Vision 2020, the DVBA tested out some public realm improvements through a pilot project located at Yates and Douglas Street. These improvements included a bike shelter, street furniture, interactive public art, and painted crosswalks.



Fan Tan Alley (2015)

DVBA worked with property owners to install lights through Fan Tan Alley.


Chinatown Dragons (February 2013)

The Chinatown Dragons were completed as part of a partnership with the City of Victoria and were the final installation in the Art History 150 project, which celebrated the City’s sesquicentennial. The hanging double dragons are suspended above Government Street, north and south of Fisgard Street, in Victoria’s Chinatown. The dragons were designed by local artist Steve Milroy.


Lady Justice (September 2012)

Lady Justice was the second installment of the DVBA’s Art History 150 project in the downtown core. The project was a collaboration with the Victoria Integrated Court where judges, lawyers and clients of the Integrated Court painted squares beside stakeholders, partners, and members of the public to bring awareness to the work of the Victoria Integrated Court.

Local artist Steve Milroy oversaw the creative process of the mural, titled Lady Justice. It is a 30 foot by 16 foot mural comprised of 120 individual 2 foot by 2 foot panels forming the image of Lady Justice. The finished mural was installed at 533 Chatham Street in September, 2012.


Victoria (February 2012)

The DVBA’s first Art History 150 project, the Victoria mural was unveiled in February, 2012, in a ceremony on Gordon Street. The mural named Victoria depicts the naming of the City after Queen Victoria.The Victoria mural was completed in partnership with downtown property owner Rick Arora.