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A collection of local and handmade jewelry artfully curated in our eclectic Victoria shop in the heart of Market Square by Honor Cienska.

Honor has been silversmithing with a passion, making gorgeous jewelry for over 20 years and in that time, she’s met a lot of amazing local artisans whom she’s invited to include pieces of handmade jewelry to the Tonic shop that you’ll easily fall in love with. Honor’s eye for what is simple, elegant, lovely and on trend is uncanny. If you’ve been in the shop and seen our uniquely inspiring ring display table, you know her gift for imagination and beauty!

Tonic has become the go-to destination for savvy Victorians looking for that perfect West coast inspired, signature piece for themselves or the perfect gift for a friend. You know you’re going to find something beautiful, original and ethically and locally handmade.

Honor takes the word “local” quite seriously. On many a day, you’ll see her at her workbench in the shop creating your next piece of jewelry! The “local artists” that make up the Tonic collection, live, raise their families, and earn a living from their craft. They can sometimes be found visiting the shop, to drop off product or just to say hello. We love all of our partners and we value what it means to live and shop locally. We know you do too!

Come visit us, take your time browsing, listen to a classic record that’s always spinning on the turntable (We’ve been quite fond of Esther Phillips lately!) and enjoy a White Rabbit candy - We are always happy to see you.

560 Johnson Street, Suite 13
Victoria, British Columbia V8W 3C6