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Livestream Events During the Covid-19 Crisis Covid 19 is having serious impacts to people's health and livelihoods. It has been overwhelming to witness the impacts of closing a venue like Hermann's. The relationship between audience and performer is something that is built. This is one reason that we have decided to livestream - an effort to maintain that connection. There is more to livelihood than money. For our performances we are taking precautions - everyone has to stay distanced - the room and equipment require cleaning - musicians must provide their own microphones. Very special thanks to the Arts On View board, Hermann's tech director William Stewart and host Ashley Wey who have volunteered so many hours to make this happen. You can donate directly to the musicians and this venue at   The resilience being expressed by the artistic community is beautiful. Stay tuned to us through social media - like us and share! Send us stories, links, ways to inspire, things you would like us to share. You can still reach us at For those who would prefer to watch without Facebook we now offer additional livestreams and video at

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