Climate Wave Coffee

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Climate Wave Coffee exists to transform monoculture coffee farms worldwide into biodiversity-friendly coffee forests by forming allies with coffee professionals, coffee lovers, and nature to reverse global warming.

By buying Climate Wave Coffee,  you are not only getting great-tasting coffee, but also voting for a healthy and happy future on this beautiful planet. Climate Wave Coffee is a sustainable coffee consulting firm that specializes in researching and analyzing the Coffee Value Chain to develop sustainable solutions for reversing global warming. The company's vision is to transform monoculture coffee farms into biodiversity-rich, climate-friendly coffee forests worldwide. To achieve this vision, Climate Wave takes a collaborative approach by forming alliances with various stakeholders in the coffee value chain, including farmers, distributors, roasters, café owners, and consumers. Together, coffee lovers and coffee professionals, lead the change! Climate Wave Coffee operates three projects in Victoria to raise funds for its operations: Project Ambrosia, Zero-To-Go, and Pop-Up Community Cafe.

712 Discovery Street
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