Belle General

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Belle General is a (mostly) vegan snack shop (aka “bougie 7-Eleven”) that opened its doors in downtown Victoria, in the Spring of 2021.

What we might lack in "focus" and "a business plan", we more than make up for with an eclectic product mix, a Wall of Snacksᵀᴹ, and an endless supply of bad puns (whether you want them or not.)If snacks aren’t your jam*, we also sell a ton of other stuff, including (but not limited to) apparel, accessories, ceramics, bath and body products, stationery, things for your pets** and a whole lot more. Are you intrigued yet? We hope so! Come click through the virtual version of our humble snackery, and see what the small amount of fuss is all about : )

846 Fort Street
ZIP Code
V8W 1H8