Victoria Beer Week 2018!

Victoria Beer Week returns for its fifth year March 2-10, 2018. Since 2014, when about 1,200 people attended a variety of events during the inaugural festival, Victoria Beer Week has grown considerably: in 2018 more than 3,000 people are expected…

Top 10 Stocking Stuffers For The Weekend Warrior

We all want to experience the joy of giving a gift no one was expecting on Christmas. What is even better is when the person getting the gift could truly use it. Then, not only are you the hero who is great at surprises but you show you know your friends/family well. So, let us … Continued

Top 10 Vacation Extending Tactics

Vacations provide the opportunity to unplug, recharge while learning and experiencing new things. This break from the daily grind is an important tool in maintaining your mental health. A refreshed mind increases productivity at work leading to higher performance results. But how do you maintain your “vacation glow” after an amazing time away from the … Continued