Meet Justin and Tanya, owners of Infusion Edutainment. Infusion Edutainment is Victoria's first virtual reality gaming lounge.

“The name ‘edutainment,’ will become more common as VR gaming becomes more mainstream. Mixing education and entertainment has really good results.”

Justin and Tanya started out as teachers. They originally started using Virtual Reality software (VR) as a way to make teaching English more engaging for students overseas. Infusion Edutainment is now a VR lounge on lower Fort street. The lounge has over 200 VR games and nearly limitless possibilities. Justin and Tanya have seen VR help students learn, help people overcome fears and phobias, and even be transported back home when they couldn’t physically travel. The lounge also shows that gaming is not just for kids and anyone can enjoy virtual reality.

Downtown has been a great place for the lounge because locals and tourists alike are discovering VR as an exciting new activity. Justin and Tanya hope that people will continue to stop in a give them a try.

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Find Infusion Edutainment on Fort Street.


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