Volunteer-run handmade, fair trade international gift shop celebrates 30 years in business with a celebration at Market Square Saturday, August 18, 12:30-3:30pm

A giving platform is common for businesses these days. Many consumers are interested in who you are, what you support and how you contribute to the community. From social enterprises, to a percentage of profits going to a local non-profit, care currency is not only helpful, it is also a potent marketing and sales tool.

But 30 years ago, the volunteer-operated gift shop Global Village, tucked into Market Square, launched with a solid vision of fair trade at a fair price. 

“I’m very proud to be part of this. It’s very difficult to run a business, much less a volunteer-run business. It’s exciting to see that we are going strong.”

  • Suzann Albion, Global Village Coordinator

With handmade cards, scarves, jewelry, masks, toys, tablecloths, coffee, tea and more from fair trade cooperatives around the world, Global Village has helped create employment for impoverished craftspeople in more than 50 producer groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Purchases directly create opportunities for individuals and cooperatives around the world. 

“Everything is made by hand, everything is unique.”


Global Village Stats 1988-2018

$3,416.150 Total Sales

$2,014,934 Paid to Producers

$253, 820 Grants to projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America

The store is mostly run by volunteers, who range from 15-80 years of age. Every year more than 5800 volunteer hours are logged. Annual profits are dispersed in grants, mostly for producers to get the training and equipment they need to improve production. This can include looms, sewing machines, and tech assistance. Global Village is a true international success story, supporting and raising others up and encouraging the creation and proliferation of fair trade crafts. 

Global Village BIrthday Party Agenda

Saturday August 18, 12:30pm-3:30pm.

Market Square

  • 12:30 Mayor Lisa Helps opens the event
  • Readings and music by Poet Laureate Bernice Ann Thomas
  • Cake and refreshments!
  • Music by Zimbabwe Music Society
  • Partner organisations’ info, sales tables
  • Door prizes!
  • 25% off most inventory at Global Village 527 Pandora Ave

Happy birthday Global Village, from all of us at the DVBA!

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