Jeff Bray

Executive Director

Jeff joined the Downtown Victoria Business Association, first as the interim Executive Director in November 2017. He joined the association permanently in April 2018.

Jeff Bray grew up in Vancouver, B.C. After graduating from UBC, he embarked on a 13-year career with the BC government. In 2001, Jeff was elected the MLA for Victoria-Beacon Hill. More recently, Jeff was the Manager of Government and Regulatory Affairs for Shaw in BC. Community-oriented, Jeff is the Co-Chair of the Coalition to End Homelessness, Vice-Chair of the Royal BC Museum Foundation, President of the Former MLA Association of BC, and Vice-President of the North Quadra Community Association.

Phone: 250-386-2239




Alison Gair

Executive Assistant

Alison Gair has been with the DVBA since early 2006. Alison manages the administration of the office and works with the team to provide support for ongoing projects. The voice on the phone and the friendly face you see in the office, Alison is an integral part of the team with a strong background in all things downtown.  

Phone: 250-386-2238



Rob Caunter

Clean Team Manager

Rob Caunter has been with the DVBA since 2008 and manages the seven-person Clean Team. When not in the office, Rob can be found meeting with business, property owners, and the City of Victoria to keep our downtown streets clean and safe. Rob is the staff liaison for the association’s Clean, Safe, and Sustainable Committee. To find out more about Rob and the Clean Team’s positive impact on downtown, go here.  

The Clean Team is on duty from 8 am until 4 pm every weekday.

  • City of Victoria – 250-361-0466 – public property
  • DVBA – 250-386-2238* – private property within the DVBA boundary. View our Boundary map.

*If the Clean Team is unable to remove graffiti, they will offer alternative removal options – including providing free labour to paint over the tag if your business and/or property provides the paint. Call our team today.

Phone: 250-386-2238



Becca Blachut

Marketing Manager

Becca is a graduate of the University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business. She also holds a post-graduate Certificate in Professional Communication Management from Royal Roads. She began working for Downtown Victoria as an intern in 2018, writing the weekly events newsletter and curating events. As Marketing Manager, Becca now leads all marketing and communications activities at the DVBA. Becca loves her job for the variety of responsibilities it offers, and for the wonderful people she meets and interacts with daily. Born and raised in Vancouver, Becca is an avid environmentalist pursuing a zero-waste lifestyle. She lives for the summer when she goes on overnight hiking trips all over Vancouver Island and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

Phone: 250-386-2217