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  • All media interviews are with Jeff Bray, Executive Director or Kathy Hogan, DVBA Board Chair.
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DVBA Background Info

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The Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) was established as a not-for-profit organization in 2005 through a municipal bylaw in 2005. We are what’s known as BIA, or Business Improvement Area. The bylaw established that all businesses within the DVBA’s boundaries are automatically DVBA members. The DVBA is funded through a special levy (tax). The cost of a membership (tax levy) is based on the property’s commercial assessment. Members do not have to pay any additional fees outside of the levy managed via their regular property tax payments with the City of Victoria.

The DVBA Mission is to nurture and promote the vitality and vibrancy of downtown Victoria and its business community. Our Vision is to be the authority on all things happening in Victoria’s downtown core.

For more information about the DVBA mission, vision and history, visit https://downtownvictoria.ca/about/mission

For more information about DVBA membership, visit:


For more information about the DVBA team expertise and to see the full list of current board members, visit https://downtownvictoria.ca/about/team/

Sept 21, 2018: Residents invited to star in “Your Place to Be” video campaign

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Greater Victoria Residents invited to star in Downtown Victoria’s “Your Place to Be” video campaign

Thursday, September 20, 2018, Victoria, BC—The Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) launches “Your Place to Be” campaign with a video callout for Greater Victoria residents to share how downtown provides the perfect canvas for them to be everything they are, and anything they want to be. Residents can apply to become part of the video campaign until Thursday October 4, 2018.

The goal of the campaign is to give the people of greater Victoria a chance to express, in their own words, the story of their downtown.

Who are you when you are downtown? Are you a creative genius? A bestie? A quirky dancer? A social connector or a daydreamer who enjoys the solitude of lunchtime walks?

You’re invited to share your most-loved downtown stories for a chance to be featured in the “Your Place to Be” video campaign, which asks locals to the Greater Victoria region to select a descriptor that best reflects who they are, when they are downtown. The DVBA has compiled a list of close to 60 descriptors, and you’re also welcome to submit your own. The first video will be shot in October 2018, with more dates planned in November and again in 2019. Anyone living in the Greater Victoria region with a story to tell can participate.

Visit dvba.ca/YP2B to see the full list of descriptors and to submit your application. Applications close on October 4, 2018 at 10pm PST. No previous video experience is required. Storytellers of all ages are welcome to participate. Any minors will need parental approval. It’s free to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Who can apply?:
    • Anyone currently residing in the Greater Victoria Region.
    • If you’re under 18, you’ll need permission from a legal guardian to participate
  • How to apply?:
    • Fill out the form directly at ca /YP2B
    • Choose one descriptor and tell us your story.
  • When can I apply?:
    • Anytime between Friday, September 21, 2018 and Thursday, October 4, 2018, at 10pm PST.
  • When will I know if I’m selected?:
    • The DVBA marketing team will contact storytellers on or before October 9, 2018
  • What are the descriptors?
    • A complete list is available on the application page.
  • Who can I contact about the project?:
    • For any questions, about the project or campaign, the general public is welcome to contact the DVBA marketing team at marketing@downtownvictoria.ca.
      Updates on the project will be on posted on downtownvictoria.ca.


2018/07/09: Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival 2018

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The Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival steps,  flips, drums and strums it up Aug 30-Sept 3

 New Dates, Carbon Neutral, Green Guide

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VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, FRIDAY JULY 6, 2018—The Downtown Buskers Festival is back this year with new talent and new dates, August 30-September 3, for a fulsome week of live entertainment, expression and delight. This carbon-neutral festival is possible thanks to the collaboration of the Downtown Victoria Business Association and key sponsors, Tourism Victoria, the City of Victoria, and the Hotel Association of Greater Victoria. Talented buskers will be performing at four venues this year: Centennial Square, CRD Square, Bastion Square and Market Square.

Since antiquity, public performances in exchange for money, drink, food or other gifts have taken place in every major culture. Forget Youtube, this talent is right here, in front of you, living, breathing, amazing. From whip cracking, stuntswoman and escape artist Tianna the Traveller (Edmonton), to guitar sliding, crooning, harmonica wailing country bluesman George Kamikawa (Melbourne), from extreme hula hooping Satya Bella (Quebec via Australia) to human hilarious pretzel contorting Alakazam, The Human Knot (Boston) and more, you do not want to miss this year’s eclectic and mind-boggling showcase!  


“Strong collaboration makes The Downtown Buskers Festival possible. It is vital,” shares Jeff Bray, Executive Director of the Downtown Victoria Business Association.  “Thanks to our key sponsors, Tourism Victoria, City of Victoria and the Hotel Association of Greater Victoria, as well as many others, downtown Victoria will teem with energy, talent and hilarity.”

To further efforts towards sustainability, DVBA is proud to offer the Green Guide, a free resource developed by Synergy, for festival and event organisers. What does this mean? The Downtown Buskers Festival talent will be bright, loud and exciting, but the carbon footprint will be neutral.  

The Downtown Victoria Business Association’s Downtown Buskers Festival takes place Thursday, August 30th– Monday, September 3rd 12-9pm Thursday-Sunday, 12-5pm Monday. Venues are Centennial Square (x2), CRD Square, Bastion Square and Market Square. We have many volunteer opportunities, from festival information guides to sustainability ambassadors to beer garden helpers. Please visit here for a full list of performers, showtimes, sponsors and volunteer sign up. 



  • Kathy Hogan, DVBA Board Chair 
  • Jeff Bray, DVBA Executive Director

For all interview requests please contact Alison Gair at the DVBA office:

Alison Gair, 250-386-2238 | alison@downtownvictoria.ca


Photos, Logo & Banner: dvba.ca/2018buskers-media

Festival & Events Green Guide: dvba.ca/green-guide

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Rhythm Works:

Her Majesty

Mat Ricardo

Les Dudes

Tianna the Traveler


George Kamikawa

Satya Bella

Knudson & Connaughton

Fred Performer

JP Koala

2018/04/20: DVBA hires Executive Director

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Downtown Victoria Business Association hires
Jeff Bray as Executive Director

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VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, FRIDAY APRIL 20, 2018—The Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) is pleased to announce it has hired Jeff Bray as its Executive Director.  Mr. Bray, who was acting as interim Executive Director since December 2017, accepted the offer this week and started his permanent tenure in this position as of today. The DVBA offered Mr. Bray the position after conducting an extensive, nation-wide search to fill this position.

“We are thrilled Jeff Bray has accepted our offer to become the Downtown Victoria Business Association’s next Executive Director. Jeff Bray is a true community leader, and the DVBA Board of Directors has complete confidence in Mr. Bray’s ability to expand the ways the DVBA is able to support the 1500+ unique businesses that make downtown Victoria such a special place for us all,” says Suzanne Bradbury, Chair of the DVBA Board of Directors.

“On a more personal level, many of us who live or work downtown have had a chance to get to know Jeff through his community leadership. Jeff brings a lot of integrity and heart to this position, and I’m sure many will join me in saying that he is a thoughtful, cheerful, compassionate and caring person, who is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping downtown Victoria become even more vibrant and exciting than it is today,” Bradbury adds.

Jeff Bray grew up in Vancouver, B.C. After graduating from UBC, Bray embarked on a 13-year career with the BC Government. In 2001, Bray was elected the MLA for Victoria-Beacon Hill. More recently, Bray was the Manager of Government and Regulatory Affairs for Shaw in BC. Bray was President of Capital Public Affairs Inc., a public affairs consulting firm, and acted as the interim Executive Director of the DVBA since December 2017. Bray is Vice-Chair of the Royal BC Museum Foundation, Vice- Chair of the Garth Homer Society, Vice-President of the Former MLA Association of BC, and is Vice-President of the North Quadra Community Association.

“I’m thrilled to collaborate with the outstanding DVBA team in continuing the work of building a vibrant and prosperous downtown,” says Jeff Bray, Executive Director of the Downtown Victoria Business Association. “As a team, we have the expertise and experience needed to lead innovative projects and offer programs and services that support our business members in downtown Victoria.”

The DVBA Board conducted an exhaustive, multi-stage executive search process that garnered 37 applications from across Canada. After a rigorous selection process, with multiple interviews, the DVBA hiring committee made its recommendation to offer the position to Jeff Bray this week, which was unanimously accepted by the Board. For details on the position, visit https://downtownvictoria.ca/about/job-postings/

The DVBA’s Annual General Meeting will be on May 2nd from 5-7 pm at the Legacy Art Gallery where our new Executive Director will be formally introduced. Suzanne Bradbury will also be completing her 3-year term on the board and Kathy Hogan, current Vice-Chair of the Board, will be officially welcomed as the DVBA Board Chair.

The DVBA also welcomes Tyler Dolan on the board of directors. A few more board nominations have been received and will be confirmed at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.  For more information about the DVBA office team and board members visit https://downtownvictoria.ca/about/team/