Annual Report on Downtown

Read the Annual Report here.


Victoria hosts one of the best mid-sized downtowns in North America. However, our core area was not spared from the immense, disruptive effects of the COVID pandemic.

This report paints a fact-based picture of downtown, using quantitative data to measure the economic vitality of downtown. This report reflects our experiences, challenges aspects of the public narrative, shines a light on the impacts of the pandemic, and highlights areas of concern from the business perspective.

In 2019, we published our First Annual DVBA Report on Downtown which established a baseline from which we could track changes — both positive and negative — year over year. One of the principal objectives of this report is to highlight the strengths of our downtown, identify member priorities for areas of improvement, and dispel some of the false narratives that exist.

Do we have challenges downtown? Yes. However, notwithstanding COVID, we have a downtown that is the envy of many. Our businesses, professional services, and festivals and events, along with our natural beauty and cohesive community, will continue to put our downtown on the world stage. Our job at the DVBA is to preserve what is working while mitigating the challenges to make our downtown Victoria even more vibrant, inclusive, and economically resilient for years to come.