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Secrets of the City - Walking Tours

The light of the gas lamp flickers.... A cool breeze blows in from the Inner Harbour, bringing a chill to the night air. Suddenly, from the shadows, a woman screams. Someone else calls for the police, as a number of dark figures - miners, perhaps, lured here by the Gold Rush, or a local lumber baron in his top hat and greatcoat - slip into the darkness.

Welcome to another side of historic Victoria.  Along with the gaslights and hanging baskets, Victoria has other stories to tell. Take a walk behind the facades to discover the wonderful and mysterious secrets that are part of the city's hidden history.

Click on the tour below to download a PDF of the self-guided walking tour map.

Law and Order

Robbery, murder, and deadly lovers' triangles - Victoria's history is part Gothic romance, part wild wild west. There are more than just flowers in Canada's City of Gardens. The Law and Order Walk take you back to secret stories of the crimes, the criminals, and the men who fought to keep order in those rowdy times.





Haunted Victoria

Ghosts, ancestral spirits, strange disappearances - expect the unexpected when you step into Victoria's past. The Haunted Victoria Walk is a mystery tour through the most haunted city in Canada. As you wander the quaint streets and tourist shops, understand that the difference between the normal and paranormal is sometimes very uncertain.





Mysterious Chinatown

Journey into Mysterious Chinatown and be transported back to a time when two cultures flourished in this growing Gold Rush town.  Begin your journey at Market Square to learn about the history of Canada's oldest Chinatown.






Rollicking Boomtown

You could hear the clinking of glasses in saloons, smell the canvas and horses, and see that Victoria had twenty men to every woman. The Rollicking Boomtown Walk takes you through the times in the city's history when the promise of fortune turned a sleepy trading post into a boomtown.





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