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Spring Skincare Renewal

Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Renew your complexion and shed dull, blah, dry or congested winter skin.  The change of seasons can trigger skin issues, so four times a year (at the change of each season) it’s especially important to give your skin some love.  The key to healthy, radiant skin is to also counteract the effects of the previous season and customize your home skincare rituals to meet your skin’s ongoing needs.  As winter winds down and spring arrives, there are a number of common skin issues to manage.  Skin may be puffy, dehydrated, inflamed, irritated, dry, or congested at this time of year.  Regardless of your skin type, immediately after the winter season, skin is also likelier to have a dull or lackluster appearance.  Shed impurities and reinvigorate your complexion. Your skin’s performance can be greatly improved by introducing a specialized seasonal home facial treatment to your routine.  Our techniques are simple, enjoyable, fast and easy, but very effective.  Learn a step by step home-facial using all-natural, organic, green beauty products to treat your skin and re-balance at this time of year.  You’ll also learn a powerfully effective facial massage treatment based on ancient acupressure techniques, which targets problem areas, while delivering a surge of nutrients and a harmonizing and anti-aging effect for your complexion.

Cost to Attend: 
$20 per person or FREE to VIP members


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