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Strategic Planning for Non-Profits Workshop

Friday, April 21, 2017 - 9:30am to 12:30pm
Looking to increase your ability to develop and implement a truly effective strategic plan? Need help to guide your organization through today's challenging environment but a professional consultant is out of reach? Funders and granting agencies often require that applicants submit a strategic plan. This is likely a considerable challenge for those with no staff experienced in developing such plans. This workshop provides practical guidelines for developing a workable strategic plan on limited resources. It will address:
  • What makes a plan "strategic" and what are functions it can play in helping an organization achieve its mission, especially in hard times?
  • What resources and conditions are needed to successfully create and implement a strategic plan?
  • What should be the content of a strategic plan?
  • What is the strategic planning process – who should do what, when and how? What is the role of the board, staff and other volunteers?
  • Why do strategic plans often fail? How do you bridge the gap between strategic planning and operational planning and building constant evaluation into the management and governance process?
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