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The Neon Time Machine!

Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 9:00pm
Do you share our belief that the world needs bright colours, big sounds, high spirits and wild dance? The NEON TIME MACHINE is here to take us into a beautiful shared future, through a brightly saturated portal fusion with the past! Here, the colours light the way to a dance night like no other... where the elegant & upbeat sounds of yesterdays best swing, funk, blues & soul are brought to life with today's best basslines & dance community! 
The NEON TIME MACHINE is intended as a collective response to the drury of our age; a unique dance vehicle for us together to travel beyond time & space and lift each other up, towards a bright and dynamic future of our own making. 
Cost to Attend: 
Sunset Room
401 Herald Street
Victoria, BC V8T 4R4

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