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Haiku & Poetry Celebration

Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 4:45pm to 6:00pm

Celebrate the cherry blossom season – sip cherry blossom tea while enjoying poetry.  Featuring Michael Dylan Welch, whose poems have been etched in stone, printed on balloons, recited for the Empress of Japan, and read at the Baseball Hall of Fame. He has published his haiku, tanka, longer poems, essays, and reviews in hundreds of journals and anthologies in at least 22 languages. He cofounded the Haiku North America conference and the American Haiku Archives, and founded the Tanka Society of America and National Haiku Writing Month. His latest books include Seven Suns/Seven Moons (NeoPoiesis Press), in collaboration with Tanya McDonald, and Off the Beaten Track: A Year in Haiku (Boatwhistle Books).  He will be joined by haiku Arbutus poets Sidney Bending, Dan Curtis & Jim Force (Nika). This event is a prequel to Victoria’s first Sakura Cherry Blossom Festival which will take place the following week at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

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