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Ice Cream in Downtown Victoria

Whether you like soft serve, gelato, small batch or traditional hard ice-cream, Downtown Victoria has several locations where you can grab a cone and take your hat off to Ice Cream to celebrate!

We've put together a summary of what you'll find at each location and even included a map at the end for you to explore downtown Victoria through ice cream! ENJOY!


BeaverTails, 602 Broughton St.

Fabulous Fort Street Spring Scrub Up

Since 2014, the 700-block of Fort Street has seen some extra love with the Fabulous Fort Street Spring Scrub Up. Inspired by a former city councillor, Helen Hughes who ran a downtown scrub-up when she was in office, Teri Hustins, owner of Oscar & Libbys thought it was time to bring it back, this time to her block.

Cleaning up the small things

Every week, the DVBA’s Clean Team members clean out 20-25 cigarette butt containers located throughout downtown Victoria. What initially started as a pilot project with Surfrider Vancouver Island and the City of Victoria almost two years ago, has become just another part of the job for the DVBA's Clean Team. 

Downtown Victoria Takes Up the Challenge

On Sunday June 12, you’re going to see a whole new side of downtown Victoria – and Victorians. The UrbaCity Challenge is a unique urban adventure race that pits team against team in Victoria’s beautiful city centre. Hundreds of racers will run amok in downtown Victoria, completing wild and amazing Challenge Stations – all as part of UrbaCity.

Baggins Shoes: The largest selection of Converse & Vans sneakers in the world!

Baggins Shoes, owned by Glen Lynch and business partner Brydie Griffin and located on Lower Johnson Street, offers about 700 styles of Converse and 300 styles of Vans to sneaker aficionados all over the world.

Get Hooked on this Downtown Victoria Deli

Relatively new to downtown Victoria’s growing foodie area along Blanshard and Fort streets is Hook Fine Foods, a gourmet smoked and cured seafood delicatessen that has been open nine months as of December 9.

“We had been looking for a storefront for a couple of years,” said co-owner Chris. “We looked on Government Street but the space was too big. I really liked this building; it’s a good size for us. And this is a good little foodie area.”

She She Bags & She She Shoes - Sister stores for a splash of colour and fun

For long-time residents of Victoria, Shelagh Macartney may look familiar, more familiar even than her two Trounce Alley shops - She She Bags and She She Shoes. Shelagh started out in Trounce Alley with All in Bloom, a lovely gift shop full of quirky, unique items that made perfect gifts for friends and family.

Jam Cafe and Union Pacific - They're family!

Seven years ago, husband and wife team Jim and Candy Walmsley opened Union Pacific Coffee Co. at 537 Herald Street, “I’ve been in the restaurant industry – mostly front of house operations – since I was 16 years old,” said Jim. “I wanted to get out there and do it on my own.”

Originally seeking a location in Vancouver, Jim and Candy couldn’t find a space that suited their vision, so they decided to move back to Victoria where Jim had grown up and still has family.

Get on the water with Ocean River Sports

Ocean River Sports is a family endeavor for the Henrys, one that has resulted in one of Victoria's, and Canada's, best outdoor adventure stores.

Silk Road - Local business with world-wide appeal

Silk Road has been a staple for tea lovers locally and world-wide for more than two decades. The store is a thriving local success story that has expanded our knowledge of tea and led a revival of Victoria's long standing tea culture.


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