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DVBA partners with Modo

Modo - formerly Victoria Carshare Co-op - the only member-owned carshare operator in Greater Victoria, recently became an associate member of the Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) – a first step in collaborating with the Association to resolve the downtown’s growing transportation concerns.

While some believe Victoria has a parking issue, community leaders point out the real issue is more broadly one of transportation – and one with no single quick fix. While the city already has a vibrant and successful downtown, it is growing and will need to rely on incremental shifts to “park and rides,” improved transit, bike lanes and carsharing.

The DVBA recently introduced carsharing, as a way to better serve its own transportation needs and to step up as a business leader in the community. To support sustainable transportation downtown, the DVBA has made it possible for its members to join Modo free of charge, with waived registration and security deposit fees.

“Joining Modo made a lot of sense for the DVBA as we continue to play a leadership role in meeting the shifting transportation needs of our city,” says DVBA Executive Director, Kerri Milton. "Carsharing is one part of a solution which includes bike lanes, pedestrian friendly streets and public transit. It is all about balance.”

With the number of vehicles it is becoming more difficult to manage in the city, having access to multi-modal transportation will be key to Victoria’s future growth, as well as its economic and environmental impact.

In 1997, Modo began offering Victoria residents and businesses a way to get all the conveniences of car ownership without the associated cost and hassle. In less than two years, its diverse fleet grew by nearly 40% – to 40 vehicles in the region. 

“We are very encouraged by how enthusiastic Victorians are about carsharing and choosing more active modes of transportation in general,” says Patrick Nangle, CEO at Modo. “This willingness to adopt more sustainable ways of getting around the city will be key in helping the DVBA realize its vision of creating a welcoming and vibrant downtown core, for users of all forms of travel.”

Modo’s 700 business accounts understand that having access to a carshare program not only saves them money on parking, insurance, gas and maintenance, but also encourages staff to commute to work and leave their single-occupancy vehicle behind where possible. With every Modo vehicle removing 9-13 cars from the streets, it is clear to see how increased rates of carsharing can help reduce pressures on parkades and on-street parking. 

“As more people are drawn to our beautiful city, it will be increasingly important to offer residents more sustainable ways to get around,” says Lisa Helps, Mayor of Victoria. “I am thrilled to see Modo grow its Victoria fleet and invest in our city, providing more choice to Victorians who want to lighten their footprint and happy to see the DVBA show its leadership in the transportation discussion.”

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