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10 reasons to start a matcha habit

by Kip Home
Another New Year, another resolution.  If your resolution is to do something healthy for yourself this year, then Just Matcha Tea Shop has an easy delicious solution for you.
Matcha is a shade grown, stone ground, powdered green tea which is full of amazing heath benefits.  Matcha can be drunk straight up or in a latte; it mixes very well with an amazing amount of flavors.  Love espresso drinks?  You can have the same drink using matcha instead – great taste and very good for you!  It is a win win.
Matcha is simple to make, almost as easy as instant coffee.  Simply add sifted matcha to water and mix with a milk frother.  It doesn’t get much easier than that. Here are just 10 reasons to start a matcha habit: 
  1. boosts metabolism — I need this for the crazy amount of food I seem to eat
  2. replenishes phyto-nutrients 
  3. keeps your body maximally hydrated
  4. employs plaque scrubbers  — matcha is treat for your teeth and gums
  5. antioxidant blast repairs free radical damage caused by oxidation of cells
  6. huge l-theanine intake creates a super-relaxed yet intense focus for work
  7. fights fatigue — caffeine + amino acids = dynamite energy
  8. sweetens your breath — pretty much the opposite of coffee
  9. great for skin — matcha’s high polyphenol content can inhibit UV radiation-induced skin damage
  10. detoxifies the body — matcha’s massive chlorophyll  content helps to naturally remove heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body
Start 2017 off with a new habit - try matcha at Just Matcha and do something good for your body and soul.
Kip Home is the owner of Just Matcha

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