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Downtown Blog: August 2013

An almost-50-year-old downtown gem: The Cobbler

Did you know that The Cobbler shoe store at 718 View Street has been in the same location under the same owners for 46 years? There is a lot going on behind the unassuming store front between Sapphire Day Spa and St. Andrew's Square!

“The owners chose this location because Victoria is such an old city and the downtown is always the heart of an old city and the hub of an old city,” says Marion Martin, store manager. “Every day down here is different. I meet people from all over the world and it’s just interesting.”

Bliss Boutique = West Coast Chic

Siblings Steph and Jeff Shannon aren’t from around here… but their co-owned women’s clothing store – Bliss Boutique – is the epitome of Victoria’s unique West Coast chic style.

Steph and Jeff grew up in Calgary, Alberta; Steph moved to Victoria after high school to pursue an education in graphic design, while Jeff followed a few years later to complete a business degree.

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