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Construction, Repairs & Retrofits

From site renovations to simple upgrades, environmental considerations in construction projects can save you cash and leave your space looking fresh and stylish. This section covers green construction materials, construction waste, salvaged materials, living walls, and design concepts for larger projects. You'll learn about companies which have employed these concepts/ideas and how they have reaped the benefits of thinking outside the box.


With energy prices expected to rise every year, the time to invest in energy saving initiatives is now. If all business took action to reduce energy consumption, we would be on our way to a cleaner, healthier, and more resilient downtown core. We are not without leaders; many businesses are already taking action, from coffee shops to breweries. Learn how to reduce your consumption, lower your energy bill, and take part in the green movement.

Heating & Cooling

By implementing eco-efficiencies in heating and cooling, you can find ways to reduce costs while raising the environmental profile of your business. In Victoria, we are fortunate to have a mild climate. Only during freakish bouts do we rely on heavy air conditioning or excessive heating. In Downtown Victoria, most businesses regulate their internal temperature with electric heating, natural gas, or oil. With the cost of energy increasing, and heating and cooling accounting for 25% of businesses’ overall energy consumption, this section warrants your attention. Did you know that a few simple actions, such as insulating your heat pipes and purchasing a programmable thermostat can significantly reduce your energy bills? Read further for more simple solutions that will save you money and help the planet.

Purchasing & Packaging

Procurement and packaging decisions have ripple effects that impact the environment both upstream and downstream. The impacts of sustainable procurement can be felt globally, from helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, to improving the livelihoods of small developing world producers through supporting fair trade. Supporting "lean packaging" by altering and refining internal practices and through suppliers, reduces your environmental footprint and has other cost savings benefits.


With soaring gas prices and congested roads, there are plenty of reasons to go green in transportation. Currently, 44% of Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions are from transportation (City of Victoria), while 90% of Victoria residents live less than 10 km away from their work. More companies are greening their fleet and encouraging staff to commute by bus or bike. The benefits of alternative transportation sit well in your pocket and on your conscience.


It is time to start thinking responsibly about waste. As a business in the downtown core, you are equipped with the necessary tools to considerably reduce the amount of waste entering the Hartland landfill. Repurposing, composting, upcycling, and reducing consumption are just some of the ways you can work towards a zero waste business. Reap the cost savings and improved staff morale that comes from making sustainable waste management a priority within your business.


Water is something we take for granted due to its ready availability and low cost. It might be hard to imagine water shortages in Victoria; however, what we don’t often consider is the risk of shrinking surface water sources. Can you imagine having limited access to water, something so critical for everyday life? If we aren’t careful with our water use, water prices could escalade, adding a significant cost to your already steep utility bills.

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